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Ella top

Ella top

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There is no more versatile item than a strappy top. However, universal does not mean boring, and our Ella top, made of two materials - cream twill and cream structured viscose, proves this. The bows on the straps liven up any outfit, whether you wear an Ella skirt with an Ella top, Tatiana pants, timeless pieces from our previous collections or something of your own.

Twill, 77% VIS 23% Nylon

When it comes to clothes, there is nothing as versatile as a top with straps. However, versatile doesn't mean boring and our Ella top, made from two materials – creamy twill and creamy structured viscose, is the proof. Straps with little bows will brighten up every outfit, whether you combine Ella top with Ella skirt, Tatiana trousers, timeless pieces from our past collections or something of yours.

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