About us

All CORD DECKER products come with a lifetime warranty. If a piece from us accidentally tears or is damaged in any way, we will be happy to repair it for free. All our collections are designed and produced in Slovakia. We try not to keep products in stock, we sew the entire collection in one size first, and we make all the other pieces you order to order directly for you. At the same time, we offer you an additional service for free - we will make a custom piece for you.

We will use the remaining material from the collection either in the next one or in other future collections. Thanks to this, the collections connect to each other and you can create your own capsule wardrobe from them. We believe that even clothes deserve a second chance, and therefore if the purchased piece stops fitting after some time for some reason or does not fit with the other pieces in your wardrobe, we will modify and sew it according to the latest trends and your ideas. 

When we choose the material, in addition to our inspiration, we also take into account its origin and certificates. At the same time, it is important for us that the supplier does not have minimums for material collection of more than a few tens of meters. We are a small brand and we would not like to produce goods for stock and contribute to fashion waste. So, our biggest problem when it comes to fabric selection is the limited selection. 

Since we select material up to 50-100 meters, the price increases by about 1 euro per meter, because it is a very small amount for the supplier compared to if we take hundreds of meters in advance to produce the entire collection in different sizes. Some materials are therefore significantly more expensive than others for a small brand. 

Based on all these criteria, I will start selecting the final material after sending the samples. This whole process is time and money consuming, but we believe it makes sense.