so I decided to start a blog. Well it's been long time coming , there even was a time where I had BLOG section on the website but it has been deleted since, and there is always something to talk about and what happens in Studio and I would be happy if you can be part of CORD DECKER journey with me.
Well, right now we are getting ready for the summer and I’m sure you are too. We have still some pieces left from SS17 which are now on Sale but if you looking for something less pink ;) check out our newest collection, which is available now in studio in Bratislava or online is subtle grey and beautiful sea blue colours.
And how we pass the time in studio in this unpredictable hot April? Me and my two interns Zuzka and Dominika are finishing the collection SS19, which we planed to showcase in September. Toiles/prototypes are almost done, fabrics have been chosen, but we have still some weeks of work in front of us.
So here is for todays post and what I’ll be writing mostly in the up coming weeks.
Have you ever wondered what are the names of our products or how I choose them? Well its not like I pick them blindly from the top hat, but every name has its own meaning and describes the product and maybe even the person who will choose to wear it. In these next few blog posts I’ll bring you behind the scenes of our product, their names and meaning and maybe it will be easier for you to choose the right one for you ;)
Let me introduced you to our mini series of
The origin is German/Hebrew and it means Noble One. 
I chose this one specifically for Adelaine Cream, and maybe thats  why I had only one made. Adelaine cream dress are in Aline silhouette with demure neckline with detail opening on the side of shoulder in cream fabric which moves fluidly on your body when you move. What I had in mind when I was designing the dress was that the woman should feel noble, independent and graceful in dress where the most of body is covered yet she would be confident and yet, sexy.
links to the product:
I will try to do it on weekly basis, on the same day like Friday and if you want to read about something from our inner working of CORD DECKER, let me know in the comments or on FB and ING.
Have a lovely weekend 
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